Wednesday, August 22, 2012

There Goes the Neighborhood

For the second time in four months, we moved this past week.  We’re all sick of moving but we really love our new house.  Why we left the old house is a long story but we’re where we need to be now. 

One of my favorite and least favorite things about moving to a new area is meeting the neighbors.  I struggle with the fact that I am a people person, but I also don’t like people in my business unless invited.  I also hate introductions because I usually forget names and forget to introduce everyone properly.  Now that the kids are old enough to run amuck outside, I’ve discovered that they do a lot of the introductions for us and I’m not so sure this is a good thing!

Lulu met our next-door neighbors the first day we were here because she left her scooter at the bottom of the driveway, which we share.  The neighbor was kind enough to bring it to the house and put it next to the garage but that’s definitely not the impression I wanted to make on our first day. “Hi, we’re the Childers Family and my kids are rude and don’t pick up after themselves. Nice to meet you!”  So, I made her go over and apologize, thank them and promise it won’t happen again.  However, we all know it will! 

Today, I finally got the chance to meet the next-door neighbor, at 7:30 in morning!  I let the dog out to potty and about 2 minutes later heard him barking like a maniac.  So, I hurry outside in my pajamas to see what the ruckus is about and he’s barking at the neighbor who is trying to mow his own lawn. Evidently Jaeger though he was out to get us.  In true form, all three kids follow me and as I’m telling the man that Jaeger is completely harmless, Dylan pipes up with, “He’s only bitten one person really!” (Thank you son, that helps the situation!)

This evening another neighbor came over to introduce himself and again, all three kids are there.  I quickly realized that Lulu has met this neighbor before because he instantly looks at Bean and says, “You’re the awesome four year old that can ride her bike with no training wheels!” She beamed with pride and introduced herself.  Then he looks at Dylan, “You’re the nerd?”  Yep, I know he’s met Lulu and she started this! Immediately Dylan glares at Lulu and fight ensues.  Perfect!

As we’re chatting, each child has its two cents to add to every single conversation! Why?! 

As we’re discussing the deer around the area Dylan tells the man that his dad doesn’t allow us to buy meat that we can kill ourselves.  Really? That’s news to me!

When we’re discussing the chickens, Dylan tells him that I’m only raising the chickens because I have a lifelong dream to feed a live chicken to an alligator.  Really Son?! Well, I wouldn’t call it a life-long dream but I really do want to, I just don’t tell everyone that because unless they know me they’ll think I’m a horrible person…and besides, it’s illegal to feed alligators!

Bean also told the man that we only came home while running errands because Lulu farted in the car and the smell was killing us all!  No! That’s not why we came home but yes, it was horrid!

By now I’m feeling like I kind of know this guy, rather, he knows us…maybe a little too well. So I ask what is up with all the flies in Washington. When we left Texas, we thought we were leaving bugs behind but the flies here are ridiculous.  He explains the problem but it takes Lulu no time to say, “Mom’s friend says that flies mean a person is possessed by demons and Mom is probably possessed.”  Thank you Miss Rosa!  Now the man thinks we are completely insane!

Perhaps the Childers Family is an acquired taste. One thing is for sure, you’ll either love us or hate us and more often than not, what you see at our first meeting, is what we’re like all the time! We’ll see if they come back! 

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  1. We loved you when we knew you in Colorado... and still do even though your live far away... perhaps distance make the heart grow fonder???
    BTW, why did you move :o)