Thursday, August 2, 2012

Finally Blogging

Welcome to my blog! I've been considering starting a blog for months now, but I really had doubts that anyone would really want to read it. However, at the urging of friends and family - I present to you my blog - Managing Mutiny!  Starting the blog has been easier than I thought it would be but picking the name was really hard. I wanted to succinctly describe my life and what this blog is about. So, what DO I do all day? Right now, I'm  not working so I stay home with our three precious children. And what do they do all day? Ah, yes, they torment me - on purpose. They're trying to declare mutiny and I'm convinced they came out of the womb with this single mission in their life...make Mom crazy! "Whatever it takes, no matter the costs...we will prevail." (That's their motto).  So that's what I do all day! I manage the mutiny! 

Let me introduce you...

The oldest - Dylan. Dylan is very smart and cunning. He amazes me with his whit and to be quite honest, he's just a smart ass - yes, you heard me. He's a smart ass...and he does it well! He's a very good combination of my husband and me although he got a bit more of my temper and my uncanny ability to roll his eyes without even knowing he's doing it! Such talent! From dad, he got his love of hunting and fishing and he's also an avid reader. We call  him the instigator. Why you ask? Because he is easily annoyed which then results in him usually (not always) starting a fight. I think he got this from me, because I too am easily annoyed. Like when he paces back and forth over and over and over...after a little bit, I'll snap...and he knows it so he does that A LOT (his attempt at mutiny). 

Lulu - Isn't she just beautiful? She's the most loving, caring child I've every met. She lives to please everyone around her. She loves to cook and always cries when the smoke alarm goes off. Not because she burnt the food, but because it woke me up and she wanted to serve me breakfast in bed (burnt or not). She is usually very helpful and I think sometimes she even likes her little sister. She is a typical girl, she loves all things pink, ribbons, lace, bows and DRAMA!!!! We also call her the manipulator....don't let her sweet looks deceive you, when provoked (or not) she can make your life miserable. She may not have Dylan's whit but she's very smart and can manipulate even the best of us and she does this a lot (her attempt at mutiny).

 The star of the show...BEAN! There's no way to describe Bean. She's a nut! Each of the kids is funny in their own way but this child pushes her limits daily! She doesn't have a nickname like Instigator or Manipulator - she's just Bean. And what's her talent you ask? Well, she's Bean and she does what she wants! Maybe it's a third child thing, maybe I've given up at this point, but really, I think she's just the craziest, funniest thing I've ever met. In so many ways, she is me - made over. She's loud, she doesn't care what anyone thinks, if she loves you, she loves you a lot, but if she doesn't like you, you're done as far as she's concerned. She loves bugs and dirt and hunting (one day she'll get to go), fishing, catching crabs and moths. She adores her chickens and she loves her garden of fresh tomatoes and strawberries (her main source of sustenance). 

This blog is mostly because of Bean. I usually post all of her silliness on Facebook but everyone has urged me to blog about her. Well, I have three little monsters and I can't just blog about her but I can assure you, most of my posts will some how revolve around this crazy child!  I'll also post about what's going on with us and I have my own rants I'd like to post about. We'll just see how it goes and hopefully, it'll make someone laugh. 

A little about us. In May we moved from Texas to Washington. Talk about a climate change! We left Texas and it was 98 degrees, perfect weather for us since we're native Texans. The kids had been swimming since early April and we expected an adjustment period when we got to Washington. We didn't expect 50 degree weather in May! Of course it was raining when we got here but hey, it's supposed to rain in Washington! 

After a few weeks in Washington, we started meeting people who would tell us how wonderful the summers here are. My response, "Summer? It's JUNE! Summer started last month and we're freezing!" Well, evidently, summer in Washington starts on July 4th...who knew?!  So, as we sat by the fire, snuggled in blankets and hoodies watching fireworks on the Fourth of July...I realized something horrible...we were freezing and summer did not start on the 4th of July!

It's August now and we're slowly adjusting but Bean is 100% convinced that I'm crazy and it's really winter. She's actually mad that we've been here two months and it hasn't snowed. I tried to explain to her that it's summertime here but she then explained to me that she's wearing wintertime clothes...well, yes, she is...her Texas wintertime clothes, which consist of Jeans and t-shirt and the occasional hoodie. In Texas, if you wear jeans, it is winter! The kid has a point! So, here we are, in Washington, waiting on the summer. 


  1. I LOVE this are so darn funny!! I can't wait to hear more. I just started blogging and learned a lot from other bloggers, I actually designed my blog after watching several tutorials. Check out I teach, what's your super power? She has some wonderful tutorials about blog design. You need to add a follow me button so others can follow you and easily find you later on. You have a lot to share and it's going to be so much fun reading it. Stop by and check out my blog...
    Mrs. Saunders' Lovelies

    1. Thanks Abby! I think I got it. It's not as fancy as yours but I think it'll do for now. I even figured out how to add a tap for Pinterest! I just can't move it from the bottom of the page to the top! LOL Let me know if you can follow now.

  2. I love this!! I am always telling Bean stories to my friends and family. They have no idea who Bean is but laugh histerically. :) Thank you for sharing. I can't wait for the next installment.


  3. Excellent! I'm looking forward to stories about the kids (Bean!) in detail!